Saturday, August 3, 2013

What is Truth?

An atheist, in an argument with a believer, declared that there were no absolute standards such as truth, right or wrong.  The believer asked, "What about Hitler slaughtering 6 million Jews?  Surely, you admit that was wrong.  Killing innocent people must be wrong."
Rather than agree with the obvious, he replied, "I would say that is your opinion, not truth.  From the German regime's viewpoint, the Jews were a threat and they were only protecting themselves."  The atheist continued, "In order for it to be truth, everybody has to agree it is true."
All of a sudden the Christian became aware of the problem.  According to the atheist and modern liberal thinking, only those principles that everyone acknowledges such as gravity or scientific phenomena that can be demonstrated are truth, everything else is subjective.  The believer, on the other hand, understands that what God says is truth, not what man thinks.
Amazingly, Jesus told Pilate (in John 18:37) "for this reason I have come into the world to bear witness to the truth."  Pilate's answer was the same as modern liberal thinking, "What is truth?"  So the obvious dilemma is whether God has the right and authority to establish truth.  Are things exactly as God says they are, or are we actually just a chaotic civilization with no true values or principles, and living a life with no ultimate goal or purpose?
Jesus claimed to be the Truth and the Father bore witness to what Jesus did and said with signs and wonders.  Furthermore, Jesus promised that the Spirit of God would continue to bear witness to the truth. The litmus test that determines whether someone comes to know the truth is beyond our natural mind and thinking, but rather revealed to those who honestly come to Jesus admitting they need a savior to deliver them from their sins. The Spirit bears witness with our spirit and we "know" the truth of Jesus and the principles given in His Word.  God invites us to know truth, and be set free from the uncertainty and insanity of the world's confusion and philosophy. This Truth endures forever.

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