Thursday, June 25, 2009

Man's Pride vs God's Direction

All things will be tried by fire according to 1 Corinthians 3:13. How do we know what will be precious and lasting to the end and what will burn up? We know according to Hebrews 4 that God's word is able to discern the thoughts and motives of the heart, but even that isn't foolproof, because how many thousands of people claiming to follow the word differ or do foolish things?
The answer has to be to get a confirmation from the author to find out what He meant. Unless we lay down our thoughts and take some specific time and attention to let the Holy Spirit teach and guide us, we will still just interpret the word in our own perspective or prejudices. Why does God promise incredible blessings upon those who wait on the Lord?
Man is so proud. Everyone seems to think they know what the government should do, what the pastor needs to do, what is wrong with the boss, where our parents are wrong, where our spouse is selfish, etc. We even think we know what God should do. So many times our correcting someone else is just pride. God does give us the right to correct others in Galatians 6, but with humbleness and weeping.
The question is "Do you want to let God direct you? (Why did Jesus ask "Do you want to be healed?"?) Then humble yourself to honestly admit you can't direct your own life and the specific thing you are concerned about, and ask Him to lead you. Then still...listen...until you know the next step He is directing. it.

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